Tecnoroll BMB s.r.l.

Tecnoroll BMB s.r.l.

Tecnoroll BMB is an R&D company that has been operating in the field of OEM broadcast & multimedia electronics and as a technical consulting company for more than 25 years now. We are an experienced technology provider who can support customers during all the stages of design and development of their new products and projects.

We offer compact, scalable, modular and flexible solutions which are very appreciated on the market.

Our know-how includes also perfect knowledge of the TV and RADIO standards, including compression/decompression (MPEG2 video & audio; H.264), modulation (DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-H, ATSC, ISDBT, FM, DAB, etc.) and all internal features (transport stream, program stream, conditional access, etc...).

The FlexMod module represents the variety of our skills: in a few millimeters we have concentrated the advanced technologies, the flexibility and the computing power that make it the core of many types of different professional broadcast equipment.

Based on the FlexMod module, the FM Brick provides the same features in terms of flexibility and power, but in a ready-to-use version that dramatically reduces the development time of the product while offering a super compact size!

We design our starter kits so that they are not limited to the simple function of introducing our customer to the use of our modules. In fact, each starter kit is designed as a real finished product that expands the flexibility of our modules!

We are located in northern Italy, near the city of Varese, in the heart of a territory that is well-known for its innovative industries that have made the history of technological evolution in many strategic and important fields.

Our skills have led us to important collaborations with many major international players in several strategic fields. Our OEM designs are used worldwide in broadcast equipment, medical equipment, security systems, avionic systems and many more.

Our history shows how we have always focused on innovation rather than thinking only about market logic and profit for its own sake. We believe that the winning bet in today's world is to be real innovators rather than mere players.