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From the workshop

This is an example of how we repaired and reconverted an old CNC that belongs to a friend using our CNC4FUN boards.

We will release the updated source codes within the end of 2019, and our little online shop will open at the beginning of 2020, so you’ll finally be able to purchase our board kits!

First laboratory tests with our boards and the new stepper motor drivers

This is how the inner part of the CNC electronics box looks once our boards and the new drivers have been installed

The cardboard box containing the old pieces we dismantled: notice how much space has been freed up thanks to the new boards.

The electronics box is mounted again inside its CNC lodging.

Another picture of the inside of the electronics box, with the boards and drivers already installed and connected.

The CNC is ready for the function tests: now it’s as good as new!

We also added a feeler to find the Zero point, another of the items we designed and developed.

The manual controller (pendant). We fitted the board inside a special 3D-printed lodging and connected it to the CNC machine.


In my job, I usually deal with electronic and mechanical designs (mostly FPGA and RF circuits), and this allows me to work both with electronic CADs and professional CNCs.

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