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ASI-IP IP-ASI full duplex transport stream converter
Integrated solution to transfer one Transport Stream through an ethernet network in UNICAST UDP mode. Easily configurable through a UART serial port, the module allows to develop a complete and very compact system.
Technical specifications:

  • ASI inputs.
  • ASI output.
  • Network input (full duplex).
  • Network output.
  • Network configuration parameters: ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, mac address.
  • Jitter control: low latency, adjustable buffering.
  • Receiver mode selection: MFN or SFN.
  • Arbitrary selection of the output TS rate.
  • Embedded multiplexer for output TS reconstruction.
  • Non-volatile memory to save the current system configuration.
  • Easy configuration through an asynchronous serial port via high-level commands.
  • No need for reconfiguration on power-up
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