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Starter Kit
Using the starter kit is the easiest and safest way of knowing and testing the full potential of FLEXMod 3. 
The module comes with the bootloader and several Tecnoroll's IP pre-loaded, and mounted, through socket, on a motherboard that already has the necessary power conversions, the input and output ports, the user interfaces and, optionally, a reference oscillator, based on cesioum technology, and the GPS module. 
As well as evaluation board, FLEXMod 3 STK is also ideal if you have the need to go on the market in a very near-to-zero time: FLEXMod 3 STK is in fact a ready to use device, requiring only a box and an AC power supply to be full operative.
Tecnoroll provides the starter kit as a full-OEM product, and the customer has the opportunity to respond to the immediate needs of the market and, at the same time, if deemed appropriate, create their own design.
The reference design is made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable by Tecnoroll as open-source project.

Technical specifications

  • System FPGA: SPARTAN 6 LX 150.
  • RF DAC converter: Analog Devices AD9789 QDUC.
  • Clock management: Internal PLL (ADF4350) to generate any DAC clock frequancy.
  • Clock reference: Internal 10MHz or external reference clock capability.
  • Clock tuning: 12-bit DAC to control the internal VCXO clock reference source.
  • IP management: Up to 3 crypto autentication devices to manage 3rd party IP cores.
  • FPGA boot flash: One 128-Mbit (16Mbyte x 8) serial flash.
  • User flash: Two 128-Mbit (16Mbyte x 8) serial flash for user applications and storage.
  • First RAM bank: 128Mbyte x 8 DDRII for system processor and TS buffering.
  • Second RAM bank: 8Mbyte x 9 QDR for fast random access (time and frequency interleaving).
  • Thermometer: internal thermometer for system monitoring functions.
  • Dimensions: 29 x 49.5 x 9.5mm
  • Weight: 30g
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