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The next generation: Broadcast As A Service (Baas)
A video from our partner TRX Innovate:
Just to get in touch with our philosophy, let's speak about FM broacasting standard.

The main reason why FM is still the winning standard after more than two decades since the introduction of digital broadcast, is to be found primarily in the relationship between its infrastructure cost and its efficiency in reaching the end user. In fact, in spite of the perceived competition of apparently more modern systems such as DAB or DRM, evidence shows that the FM broadcast system is still going to maintain a large technological value in the future, provided it is deployed in a smart, simple and efficient way.

In this context, Tecnoroll provides an efficient system that is also easy to install and manage, while at the same time offering optimized resources and a scalability of investments.

Not only for FM: our technology covers also DTV broadcasting needs!

This platform is based on the same chipsets and modules that we have been providing to the best broadcasting equipment manufacturers for several years now.

This technology has now been enhanced and rearranged to create a platform that can satisfy the new market needs for solutions that are more and more compact, efficent and versatile.
What is this?
Thanks to the improvement of digital technology, we have managed to integrate all the hardware of a complete broadcast station into a single device.  Our highly compact solution allows you to have all the functions of a  DVB-T or an FM transmitting site within a single small box. This  technology also represents the ideal solution for the digital  conversion and "retrofitting" of existing analog FM radio transmitters.

Having worked in this field for a long time, our engineers have acquired a deep knowledge of the broadcast standards and transmission signals, as well as great technical experience with the  different types of equipment and network structures in use.
This has allowed us to maintain full compatibility with the current standards and also improve the efficiency of our systems (low power consumption, quick installation, easy maintenance and management, scalability of investments, etc.), introducing a new concept of broadcast and service management, now available on hybrid networks (broadcast and telecom).
The real evolution of broadcast systems
SmartTX is the highly compact solution that allows to have all the functions of an FM or DVB-T transmission site in a single, mast-mounted, small-sized box.
Low power consumption, low electromagnetic pollution, quick & easy installation are the key features that make our equipment the best choice for FM or DVB area coverage.

Our cell-based model allows to cover vast territories in a smart way by transmitting the signal only to the needed areas, using low-power transmitters and avoiding to waste power and money to cover unnecessary areas. Moreover, it also allows for scalable investments, whose economic return would be impossible to achieve with the traditional business model.

The technology developed in cooperation with our partner TRX Innovate allows to set up totally self-sufficient transmission stations by using either mono- or bi-directional satellite or ADSL distribution, with a power supply obtained by means of alternative energy sources (the example shows a photovoltaic panel + battery configuration).
In cooperation with our partner TRX Innovate
Digital Network Adapter
Innovate without wasting resources
The FM DNA (Digital Network Adapter) by Tecnoroll allows the broadcasters to protect their past investments, keeping their sites operational while re-converting the existing transmitters to the latest digital technologies.

That's because the FM DNA is intended for the  “retrofitting” of existing analog FM stations, converting them into FM  digital distribution stations in a quick and easy way without having to  get rid of the old analog stations and without having to invest in new and expensive full-digital ones.
Platform control software
A lean and efficent way to manage your network
All our platforms and transmitters include a local and remote management software, so there is no need to buy any other expensive third-party software to control your network.

The control software is fully configurable and can be adapted to the clients' network.
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